Emergency assistance to socially excluded

Our work

samusocial strives to help victims of social exclusion. These people are left, unsupported, to fight for survival in our cities. 

'samu' is an acronym for the French 'Service d'Aide Mobile d'Urgence'.
samusocial is a mobile outreach service, providing emergency medical, social, and psychological care to homeless people.
samusocialMoskva aims at providing emergency aid to people who find themselves on the fringe of society. They are victims of circumstances. They have access neither to the help which they should legally receive, nor to information about how to protect their rights.
From 2004 to 2011  samusocialMoskva provided assistance to socially excluded children and young people on the streets of Moscow. In 2012, due to a sharp reduction in the number of homeless children in Moscow, samusocialMoskva redirected its energies. The foundation's main activities now consist in improving access to state-provided social services for socially excluded people on the streets. samusocialMoskva is working with the Department for Social Assistance to the Homeless (a branch of the Department for the Social Protection of the Population of Moscow) to this aim. The partnership is based on a cooperation agreement between the city of Moscow and samusocialMoskva, which was signed in 2011.