Emergency assistance to socially excluded

Our team

The field team of samusocialMoskva is composed of: 

- Boris Voïnov, medical consultant, is a psychiatrist and has already worked with the mobile team of samusocialMoskva in the past, both with homeless adults and youngsters between 2006 and 2010 ;

- Maxim Novoselov, medical consultant, has been working with homeless people for a number of years ;

- Maria Shabalkina is a trained- psychiatrist and works with us as psychologist and social worker ;

- Vitaly Zakharchenko, social worker;

Their work is organized and driven by our General Coordinator, Maria Sedushkina, who is an experienced professional of humanitarian work in favor of various vulnerable groups.

Our administrator and accountant Vera Malusha is responsible for administratives and human resources questions.

Director of Fund samusocialMoskvas is Eva Bertrand, Doctor in Political Sciences and former vice director of the Franco-Russian Center of studies.

All members of Samusocial Moskva's team regularly undergo training to ensure a high professional level at all times.