Emergency assistance to socially excluded

Our beneficiaries

Serious upheavals in Russia during the last two decades have caused an increased number of broken families, and general unsettledness within the population. The most vulnerable people have faced social exclusion.
samusocialMoskva looks at socially excluded people as 'victims', on whom people and social institutions have all turned their backs.
Our beneficiaries are people that have found themselves in the situation of social exclusion which is characterized by the loss of : 
- family and social ties
- guidance of living in society
- ability to look after oneself (e.g. to manage one’s time, space, appearance, health)
This is an extremely vulnerable social group. Many people suffer from substance abuse and addiction (drugs, alcohol, glue).
Their only goal is survival. 
This situation is not irreversible. 
samusocialMoskva endeavours to help these people and to tackle the problem of social exclusion