Emergency assistance to socially excluded

Archive 15: Jan / Feb / Mar

Temporary technical problems

19 Mar 15

 Dear visitors of our web-site! Due to temporary technical problems it is not possible to send electronic messages through the web-site (in the Contacts section). Please sent you messages on sedushkina.ssm@gmail.com

Lectures on social exclusion in Moscow University for the Humanities (MosGU) and in the Russian State Social University (RGCU)

16 Mar 15

 In February 27th and 28th, Doctor Xavier Emmanuelli and Professsor Olivier Douville, famous specialists from Samu social International, gave 12 hours lectures on social-exclusion in Moscow University for the Humanities (MosGU) and in the Russian State Social University (RGCU). A large group of students (110) and some professional attended this exceptionnal event, most of them are studying to become social workers or psychologists.

Among many themes, the physical and psychological consequences of long-term desocialisation were explained to students, as well as adequate and professional answers to the challenges that come with this desocialisation.
Attendants have taken an active part in the event and questions showed how new and interesting the content of the lecture.
We plan to pursue this collaboration with universities in the coming months and years.

Day Care Center's New Address

2 Feb 15

From February 1st 2015, medical consultant and psychologist from Samu

social Moskva, will be providing care to homeless people in the
Lioublino Center for Social Readaptation, which is part of Moscow's
Departement for Help to Homeless. Permanencies will be every Tuesday
and Wednesday, from 11 am  to 6 pm. The Center is located in
Ilovaiskaya Ulitsa, dom 2. The easiest way to get there is either from
metro Bratislavskaïa or from train station Pererva (suburban train
from Kurskaia central station).
Samu social Moskva is grateful for the opportunity to work within the
Lioublino Center. With this collaboration, people there will be
allowed to receive, at the same time, medical and / or psychological
help,and to have a consultation with social workers from the Center.
They will have access to a regular shower, they might receive
disinfection treatment and receive clean clothes (from humanitarian
It is not required to be registered in the Center's Re-socialisation
program to have access to our specialists. We are planning to further
develop programs and services, in the coming months.
Phone numbers of Jazur, medical consultant (+7926 518-99-19) and or
Irina, psychologist (+7926 092-78-25), may be used to call about a
person, but for now, consultations can only take place in the
Lioublino Center with people who have been taken there or have come by
their own means.