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New Exhibition and Auction - fundraising event by 'samusocial'

6 Apr 11

 Dear Friends,

Samusocial Moskva foundation  is organizing a new  exhibition – special cultural  event  at MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern  Art, Petrovka - 25)  « Superheroes are coming to Moscow».

This Thursday,  on April 7th :

19h – preview,
 20h – auction.

NotaBene :  this time, we will expose non only original comics and animation celluloids, but also works of art created specially for this occasion by contemporary Russian artists (see their names in the file attached).    

Welcome and don’t forget to invite your friends !

Attention :
Prices during the public sale will more attractive than in galleries !!!

Don’t hesitate to ask us for the  catalogue during the preview!

Please confirm your participation and ask any questions  at:
direction@samu.ru,  tel. +7 926 007 39 97