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Pavel's story

Samu social Moskva, 15 Sep 09, Stories

A 13 ans, Pavel quitte la ville de Sousmy et ses parents adoptifs. Jusqu’à l’age de 16 ans il reçoit une formation de menuisier-tourneur en internat puis il s’installe à Ijevsk mais reste sans emploi et se retrouve rapidement dans la rue, situation qu’il subira 3 ans. Puis il rentre à l’école technique et professionnelle du village de Kvarts pour suivre une formation de cuisinier-confiseur.

C’est dans cette école qu’il rencontre sa petite amie Ksenia. Ksenia a été élevée dans un orphelinat à Kizner en République d’Oudmourtie dès l’âge de 6 ans. Ses parents sont privés de leur autorité parentale et elle n’a qu’une sœur cadette qu’elle ne voit plus.

samusocialMoskva at Moskva fm

Samusocial Moskva, 3 Aug 09, Audio

On August 2nd, 2009, Irene Zaiontchec, Astrik Simonian (our coordinator) and Jasur Faisiev (doctor) participated to the radio broadcast 'The other side of the Moon' at radio Russian News Service.
Presenter: Dmitri Minchenok

Reception at the Residence of the Head of European Commission Delegation

Samusocial Moskva, 6 Jul 09, Event

On July 6th the Residence of the Head of European Commission Delegation to Russia hosted a reception dedicated to Samusocial Moskva and its friends and partners.

The Head of the EC Delegation Mr Marc Franco and his spouse Ms Rita Janssen welcomed everyone and invited guests to the little Concert performed by one of Russia's most spectacular child prodigies, fourteen year old pianist Syuzanna Rudanovskaya.
Samusocial Moskva President Irene Zaiontchec held an introductory speech about the work of the Foundation, about its principles and methods. She expressed her personal dedication to the goal of Samusocial – to reach and help the most excluded in our society, in particular young people. 
SSM Vice-president Eleonore Senlis presented the team: coordinator, psychologists, medical consultants and drivers – everyone who is working everyday to help youngsters in the streets of Moscow. Eleonore also spoke about the approach and the work of mobile teams that go out in the evenings to Moscow streets to provide assistance to the beneficiaries.
After this little presentation all the audience had an opportunity to enjoy sonatas of L. Beethoven, F. Liszt and preludes of S. Rachmaninov performed by Syuzanna.  The Concert was followed by a Buffet-Reception  where everyone could get personally acquainted with the team and direction of Samusocial Moskva and its Honorary President Doctor Roshal and Chairmanof the Governing Board Emmanuel Quidet.
People from different spheres of public life: business, art, journalism, diplomacy – gathered together to learn more about the problem of social exclusion. Only joint efforts of public institutions, civil society and business can help to tackle this problem.
Samusocial Moskva would like to thank everyone who responded to the invitation and came to our Reception at the EC Delegation Residence. All the team of SSM would like to express special thanks to the Head of the EC Delegation Mr Marc Franco and his spouse Ms Rita Janssen for giving us such an opportunity and  a very warm welcome.
We hope that this event will raise public awareness about social exclusion and especially the problem of homeless young people in the streets of Moscow and will become the start of new partnership relations and enhance further cooperation in bringing assistance to the most vulnerable in the city of Moscow.