Emergency assistance to socially excluded

Our foundation

Samusocial Moksva is a Russian Non-Commercial Organization. It was founded in 2003 by Dr. Xavier Emmanuelli, the President of Samusocial International.

Leonid Roshal, the renowned pediatrician, is President Emeritus. 

Our Foundation is organized with a Governing Board and a Board of Trustees. Particular care was taken in the choice of members of both Boards. They are made up of both Russians and long-term expatriates, who are familiar both with the French approach and the local situation. The members are experts on issues concerning children, notably in the medical, psychological, legal and financial sectors.

The Board of Trustees is made up of our permanent partners, who provide financial support and professional services.

President - Eva Bertrand

General Coordinator – Maria Sedushkina

Administrative Coordinator - Vera Malusha

Medical Consultant of a Day Care Center - Maxim Novoselov

Psyсhologist of a Day Care Center - Irina Bludova 

Medical Consultant Working on the Street - Boris Voinov