Emergency assistance to socially excluded

Day Care Center for Socially Excluded Women

20 Jan 14


On November 11th SAMU Social Moskva, in a partnership with the Childhood Retreat Charity Foundation, opened a day care center for socially excluded women and children. 

The day care center provides medical and social support to socially excluded pregnant women and women with children. It will work each Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am to 6pm and is located at office 10, 5 Akademika Vargy Street, Moscow (metro station Tyoply Stan or Yugo-Zapadnaya, or buses 227 and 144 to the Magazin Leipzig stop).

At the day care center women and their children will have access to:

- medical consultations for themselves and their children

- consultations with social workers and advice over how to access social services through both state agencies and NGOs

- psychological assistance

- material aid (clothes, etc.)

- support and respect


If you want to visit the center, you are welcome just to come to the above address. Or (preferably) call Jasur, a SAMU Social Moskva specialist, in advance on 89265189919 (Jasur only speaks Russian).