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A book "S'en fout la Mort" (Who cares about death!) by Xavier Emmanuelli

17 Feb 16

 On February 3rd a presentation of a book "S'en fout la Mort" (Who cares about death!) written by Doctor Xavier Emmanuelli took place at a Residence of the Ambassador of France in Moscow.

Xavier Emmanuelli is the founder of SAMU Social Moskva and 15 other SAMU Social organisations around the World. He is the President of SAMU Social International and a co-founder of Medcins Sans Frontier. In his book Dr Emmanuelli tells the story of his life and work. A generous support of Ludovig Nobel Foundation, of which Doctor Emmanuelli is Laureate, and a Board Member of SAMU Social Moskva Boris Agaronov made it possible to publish the book in Russian.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book, you may write to the following adress : samusocialmoskva.ssm@gmail.com (we have 10 books).

Photo (с) Anna Tikhomirova