Emergency assistance to socially excluded

The Results of our Work in 2015

19 Feb 16

 In 2015, Samu social Moskva has been providing help to a total of 1094 people.  Some of them have had several contacts with our professionnals, which brings the total of contacts to 1696.

Samu’s medical consultant in the Lioublino social emergency center has met 213 people, and carried out a total of 315 consultations or medical acts.
Our psychologues working both in the Lioublion and Iassenevo social centers, have conducted 336 distinct consultations for 132 patients. 
Finally, Samu’s medical consultant working on the street – near the Yaroslav’s train station -   has  been on the field for 87 half-days of out-reach. During those outreach, he provided help to 774 people and (ie 1036 consultations). 
In September 2015, two of our specialists psychiatrists have carried out a research on the psychiatric and mental health status of the people who use the services of the Lioublino emergency shelter. They have proceeded with 136 interviews and the results of this research were brought to the attention of the Coordination committee, which is run by Moscow’s Department of Labor and Social Protection. 
In February 2015, two Conferences took place in universities- Russian Social State University and Moscow’s University for the Humanities - . Those conferences  (or teaching ) were attended by 160 students and professionals . They were taught by experts Doctor Xavier Emmanuelli and Professor Olivier Douville.   They explained the characteristics of social-exclusion as a social phenomenon, both from a physiological and psychological point of view ; the specific  impact of homeless life on those who experience it ; and the adequate methods to approach and work with homeless people (undergoing a syndrom of desocialisation).
In 2015, Samu social has also started gathering material for a publication project : a book of portraits of homeless people  (the indicative title is « Memento Quod es Homo »). It is meant to bring to light the personal history of 15 people, through photographs, shot by volunteer professional photograph Olivier MARCHESI,  and through the telling of their personal history.  Publication is planned for the end of 2016.
Photo: Alexandr Anyfriev